Hi Friends.

As a professional dancer and theatre performer for the past 20 years, movement has always played an extremely meaningful part in my life.

Yoga came to me during a very challenging time. It was through the dedication and commitment to the practice that I was able to heal.

A practice it remains, and without a daily check in on my mat, operating from that place of healing becomes significantly more challenging.

I invite you to join me on your mat to continue or potentially start your healing process - be it physical; mental; emotional or spiritual. The first step is showing up.

I promise to keep it fun, challenging, creative and effective. Through  various class styles, workshops and tutorials, we'll approach the practice in a playful way with the aim of gaining a deeper understanding of the body and the intention of movement.

x Leigh

Class Styles for Any Level

With yoga as foundation, we'll fuse flow, dance, and barre-style movements to get the heart-rate up and the lower body toned. Great way to wake up body and mind.

Light weights recommended.


We focus on sculpting and toning lean muscles, with the use of light weights, high reps and a cardio inspired yoga flow. 45mins to "get it done".

Medium weights recommended.


A spin on the traditional Vinyasa flow. Familiar postures, creative transitions. All levels welcome.

Yoga blocks, optional.